Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Evaluation

What I Learned:


    Learning about the history of music and its recording was interesting to me. I enjoyed learning about how Sam Phillips was an innovator in recording in that he bounced the signal between the two recording devices to receive a 1 second delay with the sound. This created an echo that became very popular in the music industry. I also enjoyed learning about the development of the multi-track tape and how George Martin, the Beatles’ producer,began to layer the different sounds from instruments and voices onto the tapes. In addition to that, learning that many of the sounds heard in a Beatles’ song were actually sounds sped up or played in reverse through the recording machine. I was interested to learn that old tapes were actually recorded by magnetization. Although it was probably obvious, learning the origin of breakdancing was cool. I did not know beforehand that the “break” of a song is considered the fun part to dance to and that is why Djs turn the records on turntables over and over again to keep replaying it. I didnt know that what Djs really do is rewind records back and forth while switching the fader and that was really interesting to find out. Also, I was unaware that when the the Djs make the scratching noise, it was literally the record being scratched.

What I Thought Was Best:


    I thought the presentation was very helpful and I did learn a lot from it. Being able to walk around with some freedom was nice and I enjoyed the displays in the lower level was really great. seeing a lot of the old guitars, props, and costumes of some of my favorite artists was great to be able to see. Seeing all of the signatures was also really cool. In addition to the signatures, I enjoyed going through the recreated studio of Sam Phillips and seeing the area where Elvis Presley first started recording was neat to see. Finally, going up to the top level was interesting in seeing the many pictures of artists through the years and seeing how young they looked compared to now. Overall, a lot of the museum was really great to see and I didn’t have any complaints or things that I thought weren’t so good.